Meet Our Team



Swanky is the original founder and creator of, dating back to 2015. He's the one who called the shots and helped bring to life all that is Swanky is the one who pays all the server bills and creates all the ideas and concepts that make be as great as it can be.



Swanky can have all the ideas he wants about, but Kevin is the one that helps bring them to life. Kevin is our lead developer and he's the one who turns ideas into features. If you ever see him in-game, make sure to say thank you for all the hard work he has done.



Adelie is the designer for, along with Swanky. Adelie is an amazing artist who likes to think outside the box. If you ever see any custom-made assets on the server, they were created by the amazing hands of Adelie.



Swegy is a moderator on Don't let his track record confuse you, though. He might be new, but he's great at what he does. He also enjoys graphic design and pitching in ideas for